Winter by ramy

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Last was the first being "created" by his mysterious Father, a supposedly omnipotent being. He was created to be the protective force of everything his Father created, as well as the reprisal and punishment for anyone that disobeyed his Father. He lived like this countless years, countless millenniums. This was his purpose, yet he never felt any satisfaction from his actions. Truly, the only solace he ever felt was his time he spent with his younger brother. Who unlike him had been created with purpose, created with only the idea of free will, and lack of responsibility behind him. He would never know duty, never know what his older brother felt every moment of his life.

His world was that of a ungodly large tower suspended in both time and space, everything but this tower was a void. Lacking substance and purpose. It was his world, and his Father sustained it with his will. This would've went on forever, if his brother hadn't finally broken his Father, pushed him to far with his questions and insolence. Ordering Last to take the life of his younger brother, his only joy was the breaking of the dam. Unable to resist due to the collar, a device that warped his mind to follow his Father's orders, something rarely used as he was created to listen to his Father blindly. This time he couldn't just obey, and the collar made him behead his brother, spilling his golden blood on the stone floor.

What happened next was a massacre, Last. The greatest being in this world went mad.

He killed children, woman, babes, and men alike. Nothing could stand in the way of his power, not even his Father. His creator, his King. He broke the collar that day, just as he broke the way of his world.

When he arrived his hair and clothing were of the purest white, the more he realizes what he does, the darker they become. His true name, and the names of his Father, brother, and many names of his past life are lost to him. Most likely due to the trauma he experienced when he massacred and entire reality.

His personality is somewhat reserved and kind, he's rather shy actually. He doesn't know if he's sorry for what he did, and he most likely never will understand what he feels for what he did. Killing is something that is more then second nature to him, in fact it is his nature, his purpose in existence is to kill, and to protect. He can do it easily without batting an eye, but he has no lust for it.

His powers are currently unknown, but due to his history they are expected to be formidable. Although even when he was the enforcer of his Father's laws he rarely used his more..supernatural abilities for more then parlor tricks to entertain children. He has always preferred to use his dangerous fighting skills and his physical prowess. Which are rather..terrifying. He's stronger then anything has the right to be, and faster then the wind itself. Although he always holds back. Because deep down inside, he enjoys a challenge, he's also slightly afraid of himself. He doesn't even know how powerful he is, and he's too scared to try and find out.

He always carries a cylinder with him, the materials used in it's creation are particular even in his own world. It's small, about a foot in length and five inches in diameter. What it means to him is unknown.