The government is the only ruling power for the entire world known as Arc. The wasteland suggests there have been battles before it's rule, but there has been no further evidence other than the fact that the Government has taken a liking to having a massive amount of ability users at it's command, as if on guard for an uprising of sorts.

The main government base is situated on Government Isle, Not too far away from Port Spirit on the Continent of Moonlight.


Currently, there are four known ranks and two sections for those ranks, Combatants and Non-Combatants.

  • Court Member - Passes judgement on certain cases within the government or those of severe importance. Many times the court members faces are hidden in darkness, as their voices are censored as well. It's rumored the Combatant Court members are especially strong.
  • High Captain - Rank awarded to those whom display exceptional enough skill to take on the hardest assignments. It is very rare for a noncombatant to reach this status, and even rarer for there to be non-ability users in this rank, both Combatant and Noncombatant.
  • Captain - One step up from Officer, this rank is awarded to Officials whose skill is valued and may want to be kept around for the long term. This usually means just an increase in paycheck and more responsibility, but it's a goal for many people. It's difficult for Non-ability users to reach this rank, but definitely not impossible. They do have to have a vast amount of experience however.
  • Officer - Recruit level rank, many people are in this rank for the minimum of 4 years to get a free education and training. The Government usually keeps the Officers around for desk jobs and patrolling certain parts of Arc.


Much of the government's history is unknown, probably for certain reasons like to keep the public from knowing how they got into power and such.