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What she looks like.Also. CREDIT TO THE ARTIST!

Felecia's full name is Felecia Hilbert. Felecia comes from a world where everything is run by machines. Even the wars. Not a single person is even involved in wars anymore. All the machines are controlled by people in the safety of their cities. Although this causes a lot of polution making anywhere outside the bubles of civilization inhabitatual. She lives in a city outside the town. Shes really good with machines and actually kept up her towns buble. She bulit a robot to stop the falling debris from hitting the buble and breaking it. Although when not in use she keeps it in a ball form. She also did other things. Like bulid machines to make plants, grow food, treat patients and even mechanical limbs. One day she was trying to save a kid from a burning buliding. The buliding collasped so she ends up in Arc…

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