Faor comes from a world where scientific discoveries are commonplace, a continuous renaissance of knowledge and social knowledge. And when an actual discovery comes along that changes their world, it comes in storms. This is because the planet they lived on for the longest time was very dangerous, and the harsh climates propelled it's people to discover new thing after new thing to increase their chances of survival. Eventually, there came a point that deaths from the world itself lessened to two to seven deaths a year, but the air of discovery was still about them. Why stop when you've already came that far? And slowly the most common death of their planet was no longer sickness, accidents, or environmental hazards, but murder over jealousy and differing opinions.

Faor was the first to discover this world changing science in his lifetime; Creating artificial life. And he was murdered for it by a jealous colleague.

Faor wears living armor, in which he can feed it different potions or things for different effects, like hardening it, make it breath fire, exhale poison gas or a gas that disables ability users from using their energy to use them, or other things. He also has a great number of 'instant growing' seeds that he only throws on the ground and can immediately generate a plant to help with whatever situation he needs.

Even his preferred weapon is artificial life: It can grow or shrink to fit any situation, such as becoming a spear or turning into a twin-blade broadsword, and even shortens for easy storage. It's estimated it can reach a mile's length in 6.3 seconds, and can only reach up to a mile.

Faor, however, has no abilities to speak of.