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Welcome to the Escape Wiki

Everything you could possibly need to know about the Escape RP.

The timeline, the arcs, the characters, the abilities, and the world of Arc itself. Find it all out here.

Currently, we are not accepting edits to current pages. New pages may be created, but if they are made to be malicious towards the Escape lore and express ideas or statements against that of the role play site, they will be deleted.

If you need a Crash Course in making Wiki pages (Don't worry, we don't expect much.), then check out the Crash Course page.

What we need at the moment

  • Character pages (Feel free to copy-paste what you have on the forum.)
    Add Character names and their pages at Character List
  • Information about the world of Arc itself, it's Lore, and other things.
    This can be found at Lore
  • Information about other worlds (Like where characters have came from.)
    Give it a read at Other Worlds
  • Timeline and events, information about the arcs themselves.
    You can add information about them at Timeline
  • Information about the Forum. (OOC happenings. Nice place to put stuff about yourself if you want to be remembered.)
    Which, can be perused at OOC