Look at what that bad Mofo Azure cooked up.

Escape CCGEdit

The brainchild of Azure, the Escape CCG will be a collectible card game in which people will be able to fight and battle with their favorite characters from the Escape RPG. Currently, Azure is heading the project alone, though is accepting card art for anyone that feels like drawing it, or otherwise "... Will have to put up with my crude artwork for their character."


The rules, according to Azure, are "A steaming pile of shit that needs to be re-worked."
Likely, the staff member is going to review them before he posts them anywhere.


Azure has stated updates for the CCG will be few and far inbetween.

Declaration that the CCG will be producedEdit

The first, and likely the latest update for some time is the fact that Azure came out and literally stated he would be working on the CCG and actually publishing it in actual cards.