Creating a new article

Creating a new Escape article!

Crash Course

So you've decided to write for our Wiki. That's great! That really helps us, you know?

But you probably don't know much about making Wiki pages, especially for Escape. Even I have some trouble every now and then. This page is to help you get up and out there on the Escape Wiki for making pages and editing.

Making a Page

There are two ways to make a page. One, click on red hyperlink text, which automatically brings up the text box for making a new article (See picture). The second way is to find the 'Add a page' button on top of the home page of the Escape Wiki.

Once you've done that, name your article. Name it something short and sweet, because it will likely be linked to by other articles if it's relevant. Linking to other articles will be explained later.

Next, the Page Layout. The Standard Layout is what you're looking at right now: a nice picture at the right with titles and sections to go with it. The Blank Page is, well, a blank page with no formatting. It's nice for linking to other pages in the Wiki that are relevant in some way to one another.

Typing Information

Once you've selected your page Layout, it's time to look at the edit screen.
Edit screen

The Wiki editor.

Don't be alarmed at the complexity, it's really not that hard. Just type up stuff, and click the publish button. Unlike other Wikis, we don't have any rules or limits on what kind of information you put up (We do appreciate that you follow the Wikia ToS though. Else bad things will happen.), so your page can look as bare looking as possible and we'll pass it. In fact, we'll mess with your article if we later decide to do stuff with it.

Linking to other articles

It's so simple, all you have to do is look at the picture to get the idea of it. This is more or less why your article

See, it's that simple.

name needs to be short and sweet, so we can link to it. Like right now, I'll link to the OOC page.

Go make some pages dammit.