Young Ulmeyda by thenumber19

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(This character is a key character in The Black Massacre arc.)

Black is a strange figure whose origins remain unknown. He towers over other people easily at 7 to 8 feet tall, and his grin of his literally does seem to take up his entire face. Anyone that has encountered Black would speak something about the lack of his eyes and how creepy he actually was. That is, if they were alive to tell it.

Black seems to have a certain ability to control his own blood after it had left his own body.

It is unknown where Black comes from, but many people cannot mistake his lust for blood anymore than his identity. Whether he came from the other worlds or was born right here in escape makes no difference in his eyes. Because in the end, 'all people are going to die.'... He does seem to try to avoid the forest of heartbreak though.

After the Black Massacre arc, It is revealed that Black's true name is Yggdrasil, in reference that he was born under a tree of the same name. Yggdrasil had died due to being executed because of a crime he didn't even commit against his best friend. The forces of rebirth and his time in hell had warped him to the point where he had became black, and went on his endless killing rampage. It wasn't until Jenna, who 'soul linked' with him, found out the cause of why he was like this and, ultimately, freed him of his own bloodlust. Now Yggdrasil is sealed in a place where light is abound, and where he can rest peacefully. Until disturbed once more.