Balthe's World

Balthe comes from a massive tower, whose rooms stretch to miles in diameter. The Tower is never-ending both upwards and downwards, and there isn’t a ground for said tower to really stand on. The only thing people see outside of the tower through its massive see-through bricks are endless skies littered with clouds, as they bear witness to the weather outside that seems to happen every day. Each floor has its own climate, complete with plants, tree, grass, snow, sand, towns, cities, you name it. There is no set explanation for anything, and none of it is really predictable aside from the weather. The same weather that happens outside seems to happen inside on each separate floor. Although the floors don’t seem to have a sky, clouds much like the ones outside the tower form as well.

According to various statements from Balthe, the tower is a very dangerous place that many people die in every day. Despite all of the technology it possesses, the populace is still a long ways off from truly living in a safe environment.