Silly hedgehog, card games are for humans.


The staff member known as Azure is one bad mofo of a hedgehog who likes card games, and in fact his interests are, but not limited to, "Giant Mechas, Pokemon, RPing, and Video Games."

Azure is heading a currently one-man project known as Escape CCG

It seems the staff member tends to exemplify himself using a hedgehog playing card games by himself with a cup of a steamy hot substance (Presumably coffee) for no adequately explored reason.

He is often bugged by a member known as Kira Yamato to post in topics that he doesn't feel like posting in yet, and often share many ideas of the Lore of Escape. Currently they are thinking of how the topic of Rebirth can be included in and how it can involve a bunch of characters without destroying too much of their backstories, if at all.

Azure is commonly seen browsing the forums and making edits to the Escape Wiki, and is secretly stalking the Shattered Planes forums to see if his characters have died off yet or to read their funny chatlogs, but would never admit it.