Axal's World

Axal comes from a floating super-continent in endless skies, where fish and whales are seen flying through the air. It's unknown whether there are more continents or how things really work, but judging from Axal's attire, they seem a tad less developed than other technological people. ... Or maybe they have something that doesn't require them to need technology.

It is revealed many times from Axal that the inhabitants from his world communicate with the stars. Since Stars contain a vast amount of knowledge, they are often integrated into their learning system and ultimately befriend many of the inhabitants, but seem to stay out of wars fought between the inhabitants of Axal's world.

There are many things different from Axal's world than other worlds, such as the lack of swords (But daggers exist), and, like mentioned before, no oceans. It is currently unknown where their water comes from aside from rain.