In the world Avian hails from, a world of cursed opportunity. 52 books, 4 of each volume's within its own collection, seek and curse their victims into a peril of torturous life. Each book with its own curse, giving its victim its unlimited power. The book he has located is known as Drifter. Giving him the power over Ice. To form it, melt it, shape it, create it, and destroy it. If his book fills itself with his life's story, he will be free of his curse, and keep his power for him alone to use as he sees fit. He now enters the world of escape, after just completing his book. Upon his awakening, his book blank, he starts again....

His main weapon is his Magnum Revolver, and a pouch with a set of hunting knives strapped to his waist on his right. He carries a short supply of bullets, and uses his knives for both throwing and close combat melee. With his newly developed ice powers, he takes his combat a step further, ability to glide across ice floors he makes to gain speed, and to create a short necessarily of things such as bridges or platforms, even part of a dome shield for protection.


He is a man with a leather trench coat and a red insignia embedded on the rear of it. The Insignia is a red feather.
He wears a white under shirt, and a gun holster hidden under. He has on a pair of work jeans and a set of French Loafers. On his head, he has a pair of goggles. His eyes are Tealish Blue, Brown hair thats been spiked (Cut-Short) and a scar on his left cheek